MyPass is a workforce management and compliance management system, designed to reduce risk and cost for businesses in highly regulated sectors. Workers have direct access to their verified work passport containing qualifications, licences, inductions and certificates.  They can share their work passport with one or more companies or sites.  Companies and sites can proactively manage their worker pools via their own dashboard.

We simplify the processes involved to source & onboard workers, prevent compliance gaps, and manage your supply chain.   The system is designed for easy integration with other applications.

In MyPass we take a ‘bottom up’ approach to managing workforce data.  This means drawing training and competency information from the primary source where possible, and empowering workers to share their verified work passport with one or more companies / sites.  Because MyPass can integrate with most modern software applications, the effort required to manually key in workforce data is reduced by up to 70% (with most savings coming from eliminating Excel spreadsheets to track worker mobilisation or compliance against training matrices).

Traditional workforce management systems rely upon employers to enter and maintain worker data, as well as conduct all document verification. With no integration with training providers, traditional workforce management systems not only require heavy investment up front with ongoing management fees to the platform provider, they are often poorly utilised and do not integrate with other inhouse tools and platforms, creating silos of information that is often out of date and expensive to maintain.

Yes, MyPass can integrate with internal tools and platforms. To enable integration, we provide a suite of developer API’s and webhooks that internal development teams can use to integrate with your systems and automate your processes. Or alternatively contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

MyPass uses a subscription model. Access for workers is free, while industry pricing is generally based on per worker per month subscription basis. You can have an unlimited number of user accounts associated with your organisation. Please contact us for detailed pricing information (enquiries@mypass.com.au). We offer flexible subscription options ranging from the full end-to-end resourcing functionality within MyPass, to simple read-only reporting access.

No. Any workers you upload into MyPass cannot be searched by other employers. If a worker however has been previously uploaded by an employer, then that record is synchronised and shared between those companies.

Data Governance and Information Security are paramount to MyPass and its customers. We are ISO 270001 certified.

With over 35,000 development hours under our belt, our question back to clients is why invest in a bespoke tool when MyPass can:

  • Integrate with existing tools and platforms via our API’s and webhooks.
  • Provide verification of worker qualifications and licenses.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and documentation management by Excel spreadsheets, freeing up teams to focus on employee needs, now.
  • Integration with industry recognised training organisations.
  • Reduce risk and provide peace of mind today with a tool that has been tested industry-wide by multiple customers.

By placing control of the data in the hands of workers, MyPass is the only platform that transcends the bespoke needs of one client, addressing common industry problems to standardise workforce management By placing workers at the heart. MyPass provides the right workers with the right skills at the right time to deliver a safer work environment for all.

MyPass is a privately-owned Australian business.

The MyPass support team is here to help, please email your question to support@mypassglobal.com and we will be in touch directly.

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