MyPass is helping protect aged care facilities by
enabling them to track their workforce’s health status free of charge.




“It was a great early intervention tool for us and it meant that we could get across nearly 300 people very quickly in something that would have taken us days and if not weeks.”

Lucy O’Flaherty, CEO Glenview Community Services

Digital COVID-19 Self Declaration forms and Immunisation Evidence

MyPass COVID 19 Self Declaration form

How it works:

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Please provide a Primary Contact and we’ll send them a demo video showing how
the free COVID-19 features work.

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How to Complete the COVID-19 Self Declaration Form

VIDEO: How to Remove & Re-upload the COVID-19 Self Declaration Form

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s your passport to working in the industry. Your MyPass work passport is your secure online hub where you can store and manage all your work-related documentation. Your MyPass work passport contains:

  • Contact details
  • Job classification(s)
  • CV / Resume
  • Proof of ID
  • Qualifications / Certificates, Tickets, Licenses, Inductions
  • Employment history
  • References

MyPass is completely free for carers. Employers pay to use the platform.

Data Governance and Information Security are paramount to MyPass and its customers. We are ISO 270001 certified, one of just 174 Australian companies to carry this certification. You can also check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

Your information is kept private and employers can only access your profile and training when you give them permission. Site owners/operators can access your profile if your employer deploys you to that site.  Training institutions also have access to your profile for the purpose of adding training directly to your worker passport.

Yes, MyPass can integrate with internal tools and platforms. To enable integration, we provide a suite of developer API’s and webhooks that internal development teams can use to integrate with your systems and automate your processes. Or alternatively contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

MyPass is a privately-owned Australian business.

We don’t need consent from a carer in order for them to be added to MyPass (ie no different to SAP, Workday or any HR system). However, carers get a notification email when they do get added. This outlines our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Collection statement. The only time we need explicit consent before connecting a carer to a company is when they are already in MyPass and therefore have data that the company currently may not have access to. This is not the case for Aged Care as there are no existing carers in the system for this sector.

If you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll see an option when you go to Sign in to click on Forgot Password?

First, log in to MyPass, then click on more options icon at the top right. Select Change Password.

No, but it can be changed through MyPass support. Please email your request to support@mypassglobal.com.

We’ll be sad to see you go and we don’t want you to miss out on being connected to your employer(s) and to industry Job Invites. However, if you decide you don’t want emails anymore, scroll to the bottom of an email and click on Unsubscribe.

You can also update your communication email address within MyPass. Click on your name at the top right of the screen, then select Manage your Account. Under the General options, select Email, and here you can enter the email address where you would like to receive MyPass communications.

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