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Welcome to MyPass Global News. Here you’ll find the latest industry news and trends that we feel will shape the future of workforce and compliance management. We’ll also post the latest updates about MyPass, our product and our team.

Australian Technology COVID Self Declaration

Australian Technology Produces COVID Solution

A year ago, the COVID 19 pandemic and its subsequent ripple effect on the global economy would have been unthinkable. Fast forward to February 2020, the world was beginning to acknowledge the severity of the threat presented by the novel coronavirus. Entire industries were forced to rapidly adapt their operational infrastructure and service offering. As […]

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Aged Care Technology

MyPass Technology Adopted by Aged Care to Combat COVID

Glenview Community Services (TAS), https://glenview.org.au/residential-aged-care/   Glenview Community Services, a Tasmanian-based Aged Care provider, is proving that now is the time for the industry to embrace technology and progress towards a digital future. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Glenview sought out digital tools to track their workforces health status and increase the safety […]

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Mat C Offshore

Mat’s Story: Row Your Boat

Earlier this year at the beginning of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Mathew Cleghorn joined our team remotely as our new Implementation Lead. When asked in his first week how he’d found starting a new job at this time, his answer was telling of his relaxed character and previous experience adapting to new environments. “I’m not […]

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Vaccination Test Tube

Immunisation Evidence Now Stored in MyPass

MyPass Global has enabled workers to upload their Immunisation evidence to their digital work passports. This is a response to protections introduced requiring anyone entering an Australian Aged Care facility to have had their Influenza vaccinations.  The feature will allow workers or visitors to produce evidence of their immunisation records on their mobile device when […]

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COVID-19 Self Declaration Form

COVID-19 Self Declaration Now Available to All

Sydney, AUS: MyPass Global’s COVID-19 Self Declaration form is now available to all industries. Registration to use the feature has been opened for all businesses to help support the management of workers moving forward.  For industries like the Resources & Energy sector where workers are highly mobile, the Self Declaration form provides employers with instant […]

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MyPass Solution for Aged Care

COVID-19 Solution for Aged Care

Sydney, AUS: MyPass Global has released a free online COVID-19 Self Declaration form that can be completed by workers from any industry and stored in their MyPass profiles.  Built to assist in the response to COVID-19, the feature provides employers with instant visibility to track the impact of the virus on their workforce. The form […]

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Harry Morton Facilitator

Harry’s Story: Resourcefulness Runs Deep

If there were a time to live our values it would be now, and Harry Morton is no exception. Joining MyPass Global part-time in October 2018 to work on content development and marketing, Harry has displayed true resourcefulness to shape his role and deliver value from day one. Before we get further into his current […]

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Nerita Smith

Nerita’s Story: Giving Back

Nerita Smith has been involved in MyPass’ growth from the very beginning, playing the role of sounding board and risk assessor at each point along the way. Nerita has an infectious positive energy and passion towards life that always boosts morale whenever she’s around the team. As executive assistant at MyPass, she keeps everything ticking […]

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Redefining the Oil & Gas supply chain

Success of Oil & Gas Lies in it’s Supply Chain

MyPass featured in a recent report by NERA that shows the potential of Australia’s oil & gas industry to generate up to $49 billion for the economy by 2030. They believe the key to unlocking this economic growth is tapping into the existing domestic supply chain that has “not yet reached its full potential.” The […]

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MyPass Global Update

MyPass Update: Staying connected to your workforce

Given current events and the disruption that is being caused by COVID-19, we wanted to let you know what measures we’ve put in place to ensure you remain connected to us and your team.  One of the simplest things you can take advantage of right now to stay connected is our Chat feature. This is […]

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