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Welcome to MyPass Global News. Here you’ll find the latest industry news and trends that we feel will shape the future of workforce and compliance management. We’ll also post the latest updates about MyPass, our product and our team.

Merran Morton Mykonos 2008

Merran’s Story: Jack of All Trades? Master of Many

Our next story started with a silly question (asked as a joke) which led to the sharing of one adventure after the other. Each new adventure that Merran Morton shared in our conversation took her all around the world, until she landed here at MyPass Global as our Head of Marketing.  The question: “If you […]

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LinkedIn Tools

6 Stats Showing Mining’s Move to LinkedIn 

We’ve noticed a LinkedIn trend with workers in the resources sector over the past twelve months that caught our eye. Before we break it down though, it’s important to understand where we sit in the Resource community and how that positioned us to notice the change. The Role We Play The Shutdowns Australia social community […]

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Mining Fatality Cycle

The ‘Fatality Cycle’ & How Technology Can Fix It

The ‘Fatality Cycle’ The Queensland mining industry has been labelled as stuck in a ‘fatality cycle’. This comes after a report was released this week by Dr. Sean Brady, titled ‘Review of all fatal accidents in Queensland mines and quarries from 2000 to 2019’. The report was commissioned by the Queensland Government in 2019 after […]

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MyPass Global BusinessnMilestones

12 Milestones in the MyPass Timeline

This timeline graphic captures the key milestones in MyPass’ journey as a business. It shows ten of the major milestones we’ve achieved between being founded in 2015 and continuing to grow in 2020. We’ve decided to expand on each of the milestones to go deeper into the steps MyPass Global has taken since inception.  2015 […]

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Matt’s Story: The MyPass Story

When Matt Smith started MyPass in 2015, it was a classic case of a technology founder seeking the solution to a frustrating, deep-rooted problem within their industry. He had experienced first-hand how sourcing and mobilising trades crews had become highly inefficient and felt exposed by the information gaps. These gaps had been created by standalone […]

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MyPass Globals top 3 trends for the resources sector in 2020

2020 Global Resources Trends

People love to offer their perspective at the star of each new year on what the biggest trends, opportunities, challenges and changes to industry will be. Some should be paid attention to, some less so. We’ve brought together the various trends predicted in 2020 for the resources sector by seeking out the opinions of global […]

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Our Vision – MyPass Global in 2020

  Creating the Vision At the end of 2019, the MyPass Global team came together to get aligned on why we exist. We wanted a clear vision moving into 2020 that everyone believed in and that states our purpose. From the beginning, MyPass was created to change the way industries operate. We want to simplify […]

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MyPass: 2019 in Review

Everything’s doubled. With 2019 on the way out I wanted to provide a summary of what this year has looked like for MyPass Global. The growth we’ve seen this year has been both rapid and encouraging across our customer and user bases.  Doubled customers. In the last six months alone we’ve brought on-board twice the […]

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The Gig Economy

An Opportunity for Raising Safety Standards in the Resources Sector   Whilst Australian companies have made good progress in elevating safety and its importance to delivering operational and commercial success, there is more that needs to be done as the gig economy continues to grow. In 2019 alone there have been 138 work related fatal […]

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MyPass at the Australian Technologies Competition

Press Release: 1st Prize Australian Technologies Competition

Sydney, AUS – 30/10/19: Yesterday MyPass Global was announced as the Energy Resources Winner at the 2019 Australian Technologies Competition (ATC). The announcement was made at the ATC finals held in Melbourne this week. Over 206 applicants originally entered the competition nearly three months ago and that number was reduced to only seventeen competing in the […]

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