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Welcome to MyPass Global News. Here you’ll find the latest industry news and trends that we feel will shape the future of workforce and compliance management. We’ll also post the latest updates about MyPass, our product and our team.

Aged care

Enhancing Aged Care in Australia

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has just released a final report titled Care, Dignity and Respect, to set out a clear vision for the future of Aged Care in Australia. Findings cover the current systemic trends within the sector, leading on to major transformative solutions to guarantee a safe and dignified […]

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language translation

MyPass Launches Spanish Language Support

Introducing the MyPass’ Worker App with full Spanish translation. In a step towards our vision to be the first truly global worker credentialing ecosystem, MyPass has launched Spanish language support in the MyPass Worker App. Workers can now select their language preference when creating a digital work passport to host their verified training, competencies and […]

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Woodside Energy Partners with MyPass Global

  MyPass Global has confirmed a new five-year partnership with Woodside Energy, the pioneer of Australia’s LNG industry and a leading natural gas producer. In joining the existing MyPass clients in the APAC region, Woodside will be a leader in safety, compliance and industry collaboration for the entire MyPass ecosystem. In early 2020, Woodside commenced […]

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2020: Our Year in Review

  As we prepare to draw the curtains on the year that was, we take this opportunity to highlight our proudest achievements from the past 12 months. We would like to thank our clients, investors and the whole MyPass team for coming along for the ride! 🎉 We are proud and humbled to be ending 2020 […]

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Sujoy's Story: Maintaining an Edge

The MyPass team has scaled in 2020, and we’ve carefully selected talented professionals with diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences. Sujoy Bhattacharya, our new Software Developer, is no exception and he joins the Perth team with bounds of skill and enthusiasm. Welcome aboard Sujoy, it’s great to have you.  We’re now in the habit of asking […]

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langauges spoken

The New Spoken Languages Feature

  Continuing with our vision to build the first global worker credentialing ecosystem, we have just released a new feature whereby workers can display their spoken languages within their digital passport. MyPass’ new language functionality allows workers to add languages and their proficiency levels to their main profile. This will enable existing and prospective employers […]

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Nick Roberts, MyPass Investor

MyPass Investor: Nick Roberts

Investors can raise the game in many different ways and that’s certainly the case with Nick Roberts & MyPass. Nick has been a supporter of MyPass since 2018, and in that time has provided strategic guidance, resources, network connections and much more as a Director & Board Member. We interviewed Nick to learn about his […]

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Steve Power MyPass Investor

MyPass Investor: Steve Power

The MyPass team is supported by some brilliant minds and we are fortunate for these investors and advisors who are guiding us on our journey. One of these people is Steve Power. Steve has been involved with tech startups for over twenty years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge when it comes to […]

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Carl Winkler

Carl's Story: The Art of Software

As we continue to strengthen our team, a key pillar in the future of our product is new team member, Carl Winkler. Carl joins MyPass as a Senior Software Engineer with a track-record in successfully launching products, and we’re excited to see him apply this to the continued evolution of MyPass. Here’s what Carl had […]

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ERP Systems

Getting the most out of your ERP system: considering the new wave of workforce management tools

The key drivers for adopting an ERP system (such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics) often relate to attaining visibility of a business’s current state to find opportunities to unify and streamline operational functions. When executed well, an ERP system centralises data from every department to improve overall data consistency, communication and productivity. ERP systems collate […]

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