Kendrick’s Story: “Unquestionably” MyPass

“Having this mentality in my opinion sets this company apart from many other companies… “unquestionably” is the word I would use if asked about recommending MyPass.”


Kendrick joined the MyPass team in October 2020 as a Junior Developer. MyPass was his first start in a Junior Developer role and he certainly hit the ground running. Quickly gelling with the team, Kendrick’s upbeat attitude and inquisitive nature were a welcome addition to the Development Team and Perth office. 

Kendrick shared some of his own reflections on what led him to a career as a software developer in a growing business like MyPass Global.

What’s something we wouldn’t know about you?

My preferred forms of physical activity include badminton, squash and sparring. I also swing trade, have an interest in finance, economy and politics and have an unhealthy obsession with rubber ducks and Pomeranians, do not even get me started… On the weekends, I’m currently on the quest to find the best mocha in Perth!

Where did your journey in software begin?

My journey in programming is fairly new to me and yet it always felt familiar. When I was young I was fascinated with technology and lucky enough to get my first computer at age ten. The first order of business was like any other normal kid, play games…right? Well, not exactly, instead I hacked the neighbours wifi with dodgy software I found online. It’s worth mentioning here that I was brought up watching James Bond with my Dad, who had an obsession with hacking gadgets. Long story short, the neighbours wifi had a loosely encrypted WEP protocol and I simply ran a brute force dictionary attack on it and it worked. Being the naive ten year old I was, I then planted a phishing software on the router and ended up with some pretty sensitive information I didn’t need to know. To my utter surprise, I found out this was illegal and stopped doing it, at first not understanding the unethical nature of my actions.

I came to Australia when I was fifteen from a small town in Malaysia called Johor Bahru. It’s about a five minute drive from the northernmost border of Singapore. Fast forward seven years and I’d just completed an Undergraduate Degree in Molecular Life Sciences and was stuck in a mundane job which honestly, I did not really enjoy. So I found myself in a programming class, writing my first line of code at age twenty-two. I instantly fell in love with it. The way programming teaches you how to think logically and how simple, yet clever sorting algorithms are. I decided then and there, this is what I would like to pursue. This decision was also heavily influenced by one of my best friends who is also a Software Engineer. While I was participating in a coding bootcamp, I was lucky enough to land a contract to build a prototype app for a vending machine, and that’s where my programming career started!

What was appealing about MyPass and how have your first 9 months been?

My first nine months as a Junior Developer at MyPass have flown extremely fast. I have learnt so much within this frame of time. My absolute favourite thing about this team of people is that everyone is very inclusive even if we’re all doing different things. I love the culture and the values of the leaders here. I love the idea of learning and growing together as a team. To me, this is the most important quality of a company, it’s that everyone is encouraged to grow not just within the scope of your job but your character as a whole. To me, the most appealing thing about MyPass is obviously its product. I truly believe in the product and its solution for the problem we’re solving, it is extremely rewarding to be part of the process.

junior developer kendrick

Why would you recommend joining MyPass to other developers?

My developer experience at MyPass has been an absolute pleasure. As a Junior Developer, I found my integration into the team extremely smooth. I also appreciate how open the development team are to new ideas. They’re always open to discuss new technologies and implementation methodologies. To me working at a startup is the perfect place to begin and it offers many opportunities down the road because often there are more opportunities to work on the latest technologies. One piece of the advice that has stuck with me was given by one of our Senior Developers, Carl, who shared “Leave the codebase better than the way you found it, that way you can help improve the developer experience for the next one”. That is the best thing about this current team, we are constantly doing our best to improve not just the product, but the experience for other future developers. Having this mentality in my opinion sets this company apart from many other companies. So to conclude in a single word, “unquestionably” is the word I would use if asked about recommending MyPass. I look forward to growing with this company and eventually taking up more responsibilities.


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