Connected Worker 2.0 – moving beyond ‘shiny object syndrome’ 

Ensuring the right workers with the right skills are performing their tasks on site

Connected Worker 2.0 extends beyond the deployment of ‘shiny objects’ such as in-field devices, wearables, or wireless monitoring to “…the complete relationship that a worker has with the information they need to do their job as well as possible.”

The Energy and Resources sector is embracing a more digital and connected workforce. Cloud-based workforce management technology is now available to connect workers, training bodies, service providers & operators into a single collaborative hub. This aggregation of worker compliance data within a ‘digital work passport’ reduces operational risk and cost, whilst boosting productivity. 


The Connected Worker of the Future

It is critical to empower field teams with ‘the right data on the right individuals at the right time.’  However, the training and competency data required to enable ‘shiny objects’ needs to be owned and controlled by the individual, verified and shared through a permission structure before it is integrated with hardware or downstream systems such as facial recognition, CCTV, wearable tech, gate access, emergency response, permitting, HR management, work order management, or procurement systems. This creates the truly Connected Worker – with everything they need within their digital work passport to do their job safely and efficiently, without the need for manual keying or manual information transfer. The same verified data is accessed by the relevant decision-makers via real-time dashboards to reduce the risk of workers conducting tasks that they are not trained or competent to do.

The new norm within the Energy sector is low-cost operating environments that don’t sacrifice safety performance or production. This will rely on quick and informed decision making, driven by cloud-based technology that can present meaningful real-time datasets.  Leading companies in the resources sector are choosing to connect staff and contractors to job critical information, and are reaping the productivity rewards. 

MyPass is a cloud-based workforce management system that has fundamentally redesigned workforce compliance management processes – simplifying, connecting and streamlining the entire supply chain. Request a demo or speak to someone from the MyPass team by completing an enquiry form here.

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