Sujoy's Story: Maintaining an Edge

The MyPass team has scaled in 2020, and we’ve carefully selected talented professionals with diverse backgrounds, ideas and experiences. Sujoy Bhattacharya, our new Software Developer, is no exception and he joins the Perth team with bounds of skill and enthusiasm. Welcome aboard Sujoy, it’s great to have you. 

We’re now in the habit of asking everyone this: if you were a type of fruit, what kind? 

I’m going with grapes – they’re initially sour, become sweeter with time, and eventually becomes raisins. Their value is highly enhanced over a short period of time so that’s the same with me – my performance and ability for any new space – personal or professional, will only develop and improve with time.

Great answer! So I hear you’re passionate about animals? Can you tell me more about that, Sujoy?

Caring for animals was passed down from my grandparents, to my parents, to me: it’s an integral part of us. There are so many stray animals in India and we often adopt dogs that have been in accidents and have no one to take care of them. There are now thrice as many dogs as people in my household – with nine dogs living in the house, and 5 more in the greater compound. My mum is very dedicated to them, she cares for them as much as she cares for me. I am truly fortunate to be blessed with such wonderful and understanding parents.

That’s awesome. So, which part of India are you from?

I hail from Calcutta – the City of Joy. It is the capital of the state, West Bengal. 

Dare I ask, are you cricket crazy?

That goes without saying, yes. We’re addicted to sports in West Bengal and it’s the source of many fights, with local club rivalries dating back hundreds of years.

When did you first move to Australia? 

I arrived in October 2016, and worked for IBM Australia as an Application Developer for a  little over two years. Four years have definitely passed quickly! I enjoy the challenge of acclimatising and adapting to a new situation or professional role. I love the research and learning stage of a new position – that’s the fun part for me – it keeps me going.

How did you find moving to a new country without knowing anyone? 

In India, the noise is constant – it’s all around you so you’re so accustomed to it; in a way, I could not even fall asleep without noise! When I first arrived, I didn’t sleep well at all because it was so serene here. Although I was in the CBD, I could hear only footsteps even during the busiest hours in the day. I was so distressed about this lack of noise I was sure I wouldn’t last hours, never mind months. 

Slowly I realised that Australians, particularly from WA, are very warm and welcoming. People came forward to help me to adapt and I made friends from places I least expected. Australians respect your own journey, and accommodate new cultures and I didn’t anticipate this. Very soon, everything fell in to place for me.

Nice to hear that things got easier as time went on.  Now that you’ve moved to MyPass, What do you want to bring to the team?? 

The first thing that attracted me to MyPass was Matt Smith’s vision. He pinpointed what was lacking while he was working in the industry, and is now bridging the gap which I think is incredible. To give up a secure and guaranteed job to launch his own solution is innovative and adventurous. There are numerous start-ups that I would be less than confident to join due to the uncertainty of the business – but MyPass seemed different. 

I was also drawn to the focus on culture and community. MyPass developed the COVID application free of charge, and in doing so extended the reach of our positive impact. The way Alex outlined the vision of the company was also very attractive to me and Harry did a great job in displaying the strengths and unique backgrounds of the team through the MyStory web feature. This showed me that MyPass is a people-centred company that envisages the bigger picture. 

I certainly want to use my experience and skills to shape a bright future for our products and in turn, our company. Making our products futuristic and flexible is my prime objective. I am also going to focus on making them resilient and robust such that we can always maintain an edge over our competitors in the market.

What’s been your impression so far since starting with the team in Perth?

I maintain that my primary goal, and this has been established from past job roles, is that you can’t compromise on quality. It’s my vision to harness the talent in the development team and empower them to see the value of quality and working together, as this benefits not just the company but each developer individually.

My initial observation from the team is that they are energetic and positive minded. I enjoy that there is clear flexibility in our thinking and that’s so important to me to have leaders who are willing to listen and implement appropriate changes. I’m really optimistic that MyPass can go the distance. 

What are your immediate goals with MyPass?

To ensure there are effective processes in place and to make use of best practices. I’ll be going back to retrospectively to improve code to ensure the foundations are strong as well as developing new code. Performance optimisation is also on my mind as it will be of furthermost importance once we start growing to a much greater scale.

A final question, you mentioned you hadn’t done a lot of travelling. Where else would you like to travel to?

Switzerland – I crave to see the snow. I love snow-covered mountains, and I had been to the mountainous state of Sikkim in India in 2018, when I last visited home. https://credit-n.ru/kredit/kredit-tinkoff.html https://credit-n.ru/order/kreditnye-karty-vostok-bank-card.html

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