COVID-19 Solution for Aged Care

Sydney, AUS: MyPass Global has released a free online COVID-19 Self Declaration form that can be completed by workers from any industry and stored in their MyPass profiles. 

Built to assist in the response to COVID-19, the feature provides employers with instant visibility to track the impact of the virus on their workforce. The form is a universal assessment that is available to any worker from any industry and is transferable between companies. MyPass is already supporting Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) to connect their member-base, consisting of more than 500 Aged Care facilities, to the platform free of charge.

MyPass has made access to the COVID-19 Self Declaration form free for a limited time so that organisations can quickly get on top of the issues presented by this pandemic.  

Matt Smith, CEO of MyPass Global, says, “We have a responsibility to use the technology we’ve built to help vulnerable people in the current crisis. With the elderly being particularly at risk from the virus, we’re initially targeting anyone working in the Aged Care space so they can access a Self Declaration form and communicate that they are fit to work. In saying this, the form can still be completed for the same purpose by any worker, regardless of their industry.” 

Once a worker sets-up their MyPass profile, they can complete and upload the COVID-19 Self Declaration form. If their employer wishes to track the status of these forms, they can work with the MyPass team to gain access to the online portal. The Self Declaration form is currently valid for a period of seven days. This is due to the rapidly developing nature of the situation and limited awareness of many people regarding their exposure to the virus. After this seven-day period, workers will be required to update their Self Declaration form within the platform.

Organisations working in the Aged Care sector can register their company and set up their MyPass Global portal, here. MyPass will then work closely with each organisation to help register workers so they can manage and track the impact of COVID-19 to help protect aged care facilities. To learn more about this process, visit MyPass’ Health & Aged Care information page

Should your organisation be interested in using the COVID-19 Self Declaration Form but are not from the Aged Care sector, please contact hmorton@mypassglobal.com

MyPass COVID-10 Self Declaration Course

About MyPass Global: MyPass Global is a worker resourcing and compliance management platform based in Perth, Australia. With 27,000 users across 24 countries, MyPass is on a mission to transform the way workers are engaged and managed in high-compliance sectors.

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Media contact: hmorton@mypassglobal.com

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