Shane’s Story: The Golden Rule

Shane Eades is a MyPass Global Development Team Lead. He’s also a well travelled skier, father, life-long West Coast Eagles fan and once got to bob-sled down an Olympic track in France. These are only a few parts of his story.

When asked how others would describe him, he said:

This is a really hard question to answer.  It reminds me of a quote I once read: “What other people think of you is none of your business!”.


Shane Eades & his daughter in WA


As part of the Software Development team based in Perth, Western Australia, Shane himself is originally a local. He has, however, spent some time away from the capital city at different stages of his life. He underwent all of his schooling about one and half hours south in the city of Bunbury. After finishing high-school, Shane went on to study IT (Information Technology), completing a Bachelor of Applied Information Science (IT) at the Edith Cowan University

Why IT? Shane says that growing up he was always interested in computers and particularly remembers a story of his Dad coming home one-day with a brand new computer.

It was the kind you plugged into your TV… It didn’t have many games on it so I decided I would try and write my own basic games onto it. The first game I made would have been moving a character around the screen kind of thing, getting from one side to the other.

This was where his interest in software development was likely born and so fast-forwarding his story, once he completed his studies, Shane moved back up to Perth in search of greater work opportunities. Over the next few years he would spend time working in the IT Department of the WA TAB, in Finance and then finally in Government. Shane says this final role wasn’t doing it for him and coincided with the time when IT was really starting to take off around the world. He decided it was time for him to move on. 

Shane made the call to book flights and move to London in 1996, a typical Australian rite of passage which yielded some atypical memories. One highlight was spending six months living in the south of France, only an hour and a half’s drive from the Alps. Shane spent every weekend driving up and skiing on the mountains, a novelty for him having lived his whole life in Western Australia where there is almost no snow. He recalls seeing it snow for the first time in London and being amazed by it. 

Travelling across Europe, Shane spent time in  Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, as well as the ski fields of France, where he visited the precinct which hosted the bobsleigh event for the 1992 Winter Olympics. He was surprised to find that you could jump in a bobsleigh and have them push you off the start-line. He couldn’t resist and look’s back on the experience as a highlight of the trip (check it out here). After two years he returned to Australia, living by the harbour in Sydney for a period before settling in Perth about ten years ago. 

Shane’s describes his experience of being introduced to MyPass as having it almost “fall into my lap.” He was contacted by our Head of Product, Peter Vostan, for an opportunity to join the team and knew straight away that it was just what he was looking for. He was keen to be part of a small company “without all the red-tape, with nothing to get in the way of getting the job done and where the work you do actually makes a difference.” He says this was refreshing compared to some jobs he’d had before where you can feel like “a little cog in a machine.” 

In his time at MyPass Shane’s been able to learn a range of new things, especially the database design which introduced him to a new way of thinking. Surprisingly, having lived most of his life in WA, he’d never worked for a mining company and so found the experience of entering a new industry a breath of fresh air. Shane believes his role at MyPass has felt like making more of a real-world, tangible impact. 

“The potential for growth could go anywhere really. We’ve got a good platform and a great base from which it can grow.”

He see’s maintaining the dynamic nature of the team as a good challenge as the businesse grows. A priority is making sure everyone continues to communicate and remains tight-nit, which so far has been managed well considering the different office locations. 

Reflecting on where we’d find him if he wasn’t at work, he says fifteen years ago he would have been travelling but now he’d be spending time with his family. With three young girls, one of which requiring special care, Shane speaks proudly of that fact that they are all good people, even if at times life can be challenging. When they recently moved to a new home, there turned out to be a Scouts Hall over the back fence and so his eldest daughter got involved. He helps out the group when he can, having previously held the role of Treasurer. Otherwise you can find Shane at some West Coast Eagles home games having been a fan since they joined the AFL competition in 1987. Our final question for Shane was “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

He said, “Simply to follow the Golden Rule”, which is…

To treat others how you would like to be treated.” Simple.


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