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Organisation Leaders who are accountable for overseeing the best quality of service possible while maintaining cost efficiency & compliance standard.

Senior Operational Managers

Who are accountable for the safe on-boarding and management of staff.

Human Resources Professionals

Who are seeking to digitise processes and unify the current software systems in place across their facilities.

IT Managers & Technology Ambassedors


Lucy O'Flaherty, CEO
Glenview Community Services

“The great thing about MyPass has been that at a time when we were very quickly trying to get our heads around understanding the status of our staff, and what kind of mechanisms were easily accessible to get quick information, MyPass came up…It was an offering that was put out to the industry and we took it and it’s been amazing.”


See how MyPass Global is already supporting providers in the Aged Care sector, after releasing a free COVID-19 solution to help manage workforce health status & immunisation compliance.

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Many industry professionals are responding to significant pressure to achieve more with less. Low cost operating environments that don’t sacrifice quality of service to clients or residents now represents the new norm in the Aged Care sector. The necessity for fast-decision making is supported by the emergence of modern, cloud-based technologies that offer assurances through advanced, real-time datasets.

Here at MyPass Global, we cater to the rapidly increasing demand for a simple process to manage workforce safety and compliance

Whether it’s for Residential, contractor management, Home-Care or the day-to-day facility operations, MyPass offers clear visibility of worker-owned training and competency data, through a single ‘source of record,’ 
cloud-based platform.